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Pencil Sharpeners

With the latest launch of the It's Academic Manual Pencil Sharpener and Written Word Pencil Electric Pencil Sharpener, you can say goodbye to your basic and boring pencil sharpeners and welcome the newest additions to your office or home office. Featuring fun and translucent colors such as pink, green and blue, the It's Academic Manual Pencil Sharpener will surely bring a pop of color to your workplace, while the Written Word Pencil Electric Pencil Sharpener brings a more modern approach to office supplies at work.

The It's Academic Manual Pencil Sharpener, Two-Hole Flip Top is the perfect transportable sharpener for students and teachers to carry with them from classroom to classroom as it's a handheld and small size. Not only are the blades equipped to sharpen No. 2 pencils, but this cute and colorful school essential is also equipped to sharpen colored pencils as well! The unique flip top lid and clear case makes it easy to clean out pencil shavings without having to touch the blade. With this modern, easy-to-use premium quality sharpener, you’ll never have to worry about having a dull pencil tip again!

Every detail of the Written Word Pencil Electric Pencil Sharpener was specifically designed to improve the functionality of your average pencil sharpener. From the position of the blades to the powerful motor and clear case, this premium plug in sharpener is an essential item for all school supplies. This easy-to-use, fast sharpener sharpens standard pencils, no. 2 pencils, colored pencils, jumbo pencils and even crayons making this sharpener perfect for teachers, students, school, classrooms and even the home office! Equipped with it's own tools to easily clean the sharpener, it also features a clear case so you can see the pencil shavings and know when it's time to empty the case. It even comes with a protective cover and has extra-large capacity with a soft grip base. The downward facing blades keeps the sharpener clear of debris and makes it easy for you to clean.