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Looking for some eye candy for your desk? Trade in your basic pair of scissors for the fun and unique It's Academic Pillow Grip Scissors! These cute and colorful accessories come in pink, blue, green and floral, and feature a spongy cushion around the finger area for quite possibly the most comfortable scissors you could ever cut with while also easing hand strain. These variety of colors are made to suite your mood and your project! Whether you're singing the work office blues are want a pretty floral arrangement on your desk for art inspiration, there's a scissor for each occasion. Perfect for art class or working on some fun crafts at home, these scissors will also help teach young children the importance of safety when it comes to cutting with sharp objects.

Made with your hands in mind, these ergonomic scissors are unlike the usual shape and style — they're the perfect pair of scissors you’ve been looking for. The comfort grip is designed for anyone to use! From students to teachers or parents, these pillow grip scissors are designed for any hand size, in any workplace. Say goodbye to cramped hand pain that's caused from normal scissors with hard plastic handles. These 8" scissors are soft to the touch and are ergonomically designed to help hand fatigue. Not only are they soft and easy to hold with a stylish design and high quality, but the blades are stainless steel and can sharply cut through different types of materials, from paper to arts and crafts, or any home office work, you'll never need another pair of scissors!