Here at PaperPro, we don't believe in embracing normalcy. We believe that average is overrated and that the most mundane tasks should be turned into feel-good experiences. That's why we create one-of-a-kind products that help you get things done quickly, efficiently and hassle-free, because we believe in better.

But experiencing better is more than the feeling you get each time you use our products; better is a state of mind that comes from the choices you make each day—big and small—to live positively, uniquely and fulfilled.


Stapling game slipping away?

Grab your PaperPro to experience better. Indulge in its easy-to-use one-finger stapling technology for a moment of bliss that whisks you away to your happy place.

converts the pressure of a single finger into over 30 lbs. of staple-driving power.

power-assisted spring allows for jam-free stapling that's 80% easier!

Don't be suppressed by unruly paper stacks—please your punching instincts and pick up a PaperPro. Exceptionally effortless, its ProPunch technology will have you experiencing better no matter the time or place.

Low-force design allows for quick and effortless punching that's 50% easier

Asymmetrical cutting dies easily slice through paper without any jams or tears